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Free Energy. The Secrets of Free Energy – Part One

zero point energy wireless electricity imageIn a previous post entitled; Alternative (Free) Energy, not so absurd after all I touched on the subject of how little we know about subjects such as Zero Point Energy and Gravity, and how they play a part in the concept of free energy.

Very little is known about the weakest of the four forces – Gravity, which supposedly bonds our Universe together. The three forces which far outweigh gravity are electromagnetism, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force.

Here is a paper, written in 1911 by Charles Brush entitled ‘The Kinetic Theory of Gravitation‘. This paper goes some way towards proving the existence of an unlimited sea of energy that we float in and explains how we can tap into this ‘sea of free energy‘.

The paper discusses how gravity is actually a ‘push’ force, and not a pull force. It is merely a matter of understanding how to ‘frequency shift’ this unlimited energy to collect it and to harness this abundance of ‘free energy‘ which surrounds us all.

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Alternative (Free) Energy, not so absurd after all

Whipmag Free Energy deviceThe raging debate on whether ‘free energy devices’ exist or not, or whether we should even be calling them “free energy devices” continues unabated.

I’d like to bring such matters to the attention of my readers. The aim is to share ideas, provoke debate, and above all make people question the very fabric of the world in which they live. In particular, question why we still rely on fossil fuels when there are a plethora of sustainable, alternative and dare I say, free energy devices out there.

The image to the left shows the basic principle of how an Overuntity Whipmag Device works

We live in a world full of actualities, and known truths. The irony is the fact that we base most of our understanding on things we know very little about. Free energy and gravity are two such unknown truths. They wait in the shadows patiently until they can hide no longer. It is up to us to set them free! Read more…

Sound waves used to levitate objects. Amazing acoustic levitation

On the subject of alternative energy, acoustic levitation has to be a viable candidate for the accolade of most amazing alternative technologies.

The video in question was filmed by Dr David Deak back in 1987. David was a former NASA employee. (Boo and hiss I hear you cry out) :-) The purpose of the apparatus; to perform an experiment for ‘simulated’ microgravity conditions on Earth.

That being said, the applications for such a device go way beyond trying to understand micro-gravitational environments. The current maximum amount that can be lifted by acoustic levitation is a few kilograms – link. Read more…

An introduction to Zero Point Energy – The fuel source of tomorrow

Zero Point Energy ZPECould Zero Point Energy (ZPE) be the fuel source of tomorrow? Is our insatiable appetite for oil based products finally coming to an end? Are we really on the cusp of a new era in science and technology?

So what is the “Zero-point energy (ZPE) field?”. Other names for this energy field include Dark Matter and Dark Energy. These galactic forces occupy some 96% of our know Universe. Zero-Point Energy is formless, yet it is the source of everything. Read more…

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The pros and cons of solar power

I recently read an interesting article on the pros and cons of using solar power. Why is it, that whenever the term ‘solar power’ is used, companies such as the BBC discuss technologies which only use solar panels, photovoltaic cells, or solar thermal collectors.

Other applications of solar power include heliostats, solar chimneys, Stirling engines, and of course solar cooking. Read more…

Introduction to Free Energy

SolReka Introduction to Free Energy

Here you will find information about free energy (FE), what it means, and the various devices which claim to use ‘free energy’. Debate is encouraged on the subject, including the viability of free energy, types of free energy devices, why such technologies haven’t hit the mainstream – yet, and the oppressive techniques adopted by certain politicians and Governments of the World to hide this information from the masses.

Other major forces keeping FE devices off the market include; bigotry and the human need to gather together in groups to ridicule those who do something new and different.

Please feel free to click on one of the following links to read more about the subject.

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Quote: Most aspire to be normal, whilst others aspire to be different.

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What is Free Energy?

What is free energy

What is free energy? Most people immediately think of the overused and misconceived phrase – ‘the perpetual
motion machine’ and some mad professor ‘locked’ away in his basement building some doomsday device. However, although a true perpetual machine may be impossible, a machine which taps into an unknown energy source is not.

A preferred definition for the term ‘free energy’ would be defined as:-

Energy collected from a source which has not yet been recognized by contemporary science.

In order to understand this more, the definition requires some more explanation. Read more…