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10 Different fuels actually used to run cars

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Different fuels used to run carsWe have known, for quite some time, that the fossil fuels we use today are a finite source of energy; we only seem to disagree on when those sources will run dry. Alternative sources have been around for quite some time, including electric power and solar power, but none has yet supplanted dead dinosaurs. Presented here are some other fuels,some strange, some downright weird.

1) Trick-or-Treat – University students in England tested a Formula racing car that ran on fuel made in part from waste chocolate from a Cadbury plant. No word on whether-or-not the car was eaten after testing was completed.

2) Gobble Gobble – For turkey-lovers (Ben Franklin suggested, tongue-only-partly-in-cheek, that the turkey would make a more noble national bird than the eagle), the idea of putting a Tom into the gas tank might seem anathema, but viable fuel can be made from virtually all parts of the bird.
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Free Energy Friday – Is There Really Such a Thing As Carbon Free-Energy?


So what is carbon-free energy. Let’s begin by explaining some common applications; wind turbines, wave energy, reservoirs, hydrogen fuel, solar farms, carbon-neutral energy carriers such as ethanol or bio-diesel, and even nuclear power. These are just some examples of carbon-free renewable energy. The purpose of all these methods is to combat the increase in greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our impact on the environment as a whole.

Coal plants are another candidate for the accolade of ‘carbon-free renewable energy’. However coal plants that sequester their carbon end up having the biggest carbon footprint, mostly because not all the carbon-dioxide gets captured before it enters the atmosphere. Nuclear power turns out to be the second-most carbon intensive.

There is a multitude of umbrella terms and pubic relations terms being used to promote the wonderful world of ‘carbon-free renewable energy’. One such umbrella term is ‘clean coal‘. Now if ever there was a funny oxymoron term, then ‘clean coal’ has to take the prize.

Other ridiculous oxymoron’s include; United Nations, virtual reality, clearly misunderstood, found missing, Microsoft works, and political promise to name but a few.

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Heat Up Your Room Using Just a Candle: Kandle Heeter!

Heat Up Room Using Just a Candle: Kandle Heeter!
The Kandle Heeter Candle Holder is available from, for $29.95. The ideal gift for all candle lovers and supporters of alternative energy devices.
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Tesla Coil Technology with a Twist

Tesla Downunder Tesla Technology with a Twist

A Car which Runs on Compressed Air – The ‘AirPod’

Compressed Air Vehicle - AirPod from MDI

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?, no, it’s the new super compressed air charged mini-me car. Welcome to the MID AirPod; a 3-wheeled vehicle which runs on compressed air. This snazzy little hoover on wheels, promises to be the next generation in vehicular transport.

Benefits of the AirPod

  • Produces zero emissions.
  • Runs on compressed-air.
  • Seats three, and does a whopping 28mph.
  • Can travel 135 miles on one tank of compressed air.
  • Perfect solution for an inner-city transportation system.
  • Ready for production mid-2009.

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SolReka Website Launch

SolReka Website Launch

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