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End of the World in 8 days! Hadron Collider is switched on

Hadron collider eight days left

Only 8 days and counting until the Hadron Collider (LHC), the most powerful experiment ever built, will be switched on. Could this be the beginning of the end, or the start of a new dawning for humanity and science!

Dubbed by some as the Doomsday test, the Hadron Collider cost £4.billion to create, it spans some 17 miles deep under the French-Swiss border, and it is the largest atom smasher ever built. It is claimed that it could help discover the Higgs-Boson particle, or more aptly named the God particle. However, there is a more sinister side to the Hadron Collider. The what if scenario…

When the Large Hadron Collider is switched on, September 10th 2008, this atom smasher will become a virtual time machine, revealing to us what happened to within the first billionth of a second of the Big bang.

The LHC is also expected to discover new dimensions, beyond the four we already know of. It will also become a mini-black hole factory, spewing out millions of tiny black holes.

21122012 - Black hole eating the earthThe what if scenario arises because the scientists are deciding to play God. They are tinkering with new frontiers in which we know very little about.

What if these black holes don’t disperse, what if they grow! If a black hole is created by the LHC, then initially it might not be noticed, but it could gravitate to the centre of the Earth and start swallowing the earth’s core, perhaps over years.

This may seem like a plot for the next big budget sci-fi movie, but the truth of the matter is that it is all very real. We are on  the cusp of great change, a shift in human consciousness, the Golden Age. Perhaps the Hadron Collider is a time portal, or a gateway to elsewhere Universes – Branes!

For the numerologists out there, who also believe in the Illuminati / New World Order the 10th September 2008 happens to be a date when the world’s population reaches 6.66 billion.

Time line schedule for LHC: -

SolReka bullet point 10th September 2008 – Hadron is switched on.

SolReka bullet point Approx October – Jan 2009 powered up to 7 TeV collisions.

SolReka bullet point Late 2009 – 2012. Powered up to full capacity. The results… Who knows.

Here’s a great rap video which explains the Hadron Collider in a simple and fun manner.

On a plus note, there’s always Jessica (reason 9), I’m sure that she will comfort you in your time of need.  :-)

What are your thoughts on the Hadron Collider? Do you think it’s a conspiracists wet dream, or is there substantial evidence which points to great changes ahead for mankind?

55 Responses to “End of the World in 8 days! Hadron Collider is switched on”

  1. Mr. JavoNo Gravatar Says:

    I think this big experiment will help us to discover how atomic things works. May be it could be dangerous, but it’s necessary to learn about black holes and this way, learn more about the space.

    Mr. Javo’s last blog post..Building A Business Through Blogs – Part Four

  2. DaveNo Gravatar Says:

    I don’t really care, I don’t have time to worry about what a very small number of people may think will happen. I could think of worst things, like N.Korea having nuclear weapons….. oh wait, they already do.

  3. bobNo Gravatar Says:

    Great post my friend, hey no one knows for sure what will happen with the black holes, I had replied to a comment on my post about the LHC, a show I was watching, “Six Billion Dollar Experiment” on National Geographic, and I quoted a prof in charge of part of the experiment who said “these black holes actually evaporate as soon as they’re produced so it’s almost impossible that these black holes can devour the experiment, Geneva or the Earth”, notice the almost impossible part,lol.

    bob’s last blog post..Meteorites and Terrorists

  4. appNo Gravatar Says:

    If you have ever read the book Cosm, by Gregory Benford, almost the exact same situation with the same kind of experimenting took place, which resulted in an explosive accident where an entire mini universe about the size of a basketball was created. The lead scientist involved hid it under her jacket and took it home with her.

    It was supposed to be a good book, but I never finished it. I found it a bit too slow paced for my tastes. If you have read it or decide to read it, let me know what happened and if there was life in that basketball.

    But more likely than not, if this does result in us creating a black hole capable of sucking anything up, it would probably just suck away all the comments I leave on other people’s blogs. (sorry, I couldn’t resist…I have had it happen to me already, and I used the same pic as the first one in your article, when I ranted about it on my blog…lol)

    app’s last blog post..Beating the Spammers on Your Blog and Forum

  5. HarishNo Gravatar Says:

    Good post friend,

    The fears are a little too much I think (and so do many physicists). I don’t think the black hole theory is that great to make us fearful of the outcome. However, all such things which are newer and improved sometimes have hidden dangers – remember Titanic? the unsinkable ship? What I mean is there may be some accident that might release some unknown energy that eat up all of this planet… BUT the dark hole theory is not worth being fearful at all…

    Harish’s last blog post..Nifty Future on a Resistance

  6. HarishNo Gravatar Says:

    correction … I typed dark hole for black hole, mistake is regretted… :)

    Harish’s last blog post..Nifty Future on a Resistance

  7. fun_lovin_whiteyNo Gravatar Says:

    well to me theres a 20% chance were all going to die, kind of freaky that the population will become 666 tho, or maybe just co incidence

  8. SolRekaNo Gravatar Says:

    The Hadron Collider also gets switched on the day after the 7 year anniversary of 9/11. The Illuminati (aka Bilderberg Group) love symbolisms and special references to numbers.

    SolReka’s last blog post..End of the World in 8 days! Hadron Collider is switched on

  9. o.d.No Gravatar Says:

    i’m a little bit concerned that they chose out of all the dates in the year, the day before 9/11…

    o.d.’s last blog post..Sekou Sundiata

  10. LindaNo Gravatar Says:

    I am glad that they got it built since it did not happen here in Texas. Lawmakers voted against it. So ……… let ‘er rip and let’s see what happens!

    Love the pics!

  11. scottNo Gravatar Says:

    were all guna die were all guna die were all guna die were all guna die were all guna die were all guna die were all guna die were all guna die were all guna die were all guna die were all guna die were all guna die were all guna die were all guna die were all guna die were all guna die

  12. bobNo Gravatar Says:

    Lol, Scott.

    bob’s last blog post..To Cern With Love

  13. appNo Gravatar Says:

    Don’t worry Scott. Dispite the repetition in your comment, you only die once. :-P

    app’s last blog post..Free MP3 Download: Eldad Lidor

  14. VickiNo Gravatar Says:

    is it tueee?

  15. TankNo Gravatar Says:

    GO F^%$£ YOURSELFS BRO :@:@:@:@:@

  16. appNo Gravatar Says:

    I found this one on a coders forum today and thought you’d get a kick out of it…

    Look at the page source for a Javascript function for detecting the end of the world:

  17. HarishNo Gravatar Says:

    I thought you are a real caring person, but your last few posts are diappointing to say best. Why do you focus on these cheap media instruments, when you should better focus on alternative energy etc.

    My dear friend enough is enough for the fools AND I don’t think you want to take side with those morons who don’t know a thing about physics and feel pleasure criticizing each and every scientific achievement like cloning, stem cell and now LHC.

    Playing God is a phrase that in itself is moronic. No one can play God. Coz so far no one knows even if there is a god or not.

    Let the scientists discover the truth and don’t be advocate of devil like the ones who killed Copernicus.

  18. HarishNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Friend,
    I apologize for using such tough and probably unpleasant words in my last comment. But I really mean what I expect from this blog. And as the old saying says – “Our expectations are the cause of our sorrow” I was sad to see your blog getting out of focus.
    You know I regularly visit this blog and recommend it to all those friends who are concerned about energy crisis and environment. I even had a permanent link to your blog on my blog which now I have put in “Blog List”. I didn’t even ask for a reciprocal link from you, coz I wanted my visitors to read your blog.

    I hope you will soon return to “good old days” of posting latest news about alternative energy…

    Your Friend…

  19. bobNo Gravatar Says:

    Duh, this is all about alternative energies, if we can find out how gravity works thanks to the LHC or discover new energy forces and particles we can finally put to rest the dinosaur days of depending on fossil fuels.

    bob’s last blog post..Make Your Own 3D Images!!

  20. appNo Gravatar Says:


    This post could be about an alternative energy source, in a way…

    Imagine if this experiment results in technology that enables us to create tiny stars that could be used as an energy source. Imagine powering your entire house for the next 100+ years off of one, suspended in a case lined with solar panels. “Sunshine” on a rainy day, and even in the dark of night!

    Talk about the ultimate battery!

    app’s last blog post..The New Breed of Snails are Good News for Old Snails

  21. o.d.No Gravatar Says:

    looks like everything went well with the collider… talking to a few people, this is a huge tremendous news event for science, extremely exciting times we are living in :)

    o.d.’s last blog post..Noisy and Hell Award

  22. GregorioNo Gravatar Says:

    It seems to me it’s just another scenario of mans ignorance.Example; lets try it and see what happens,op”s we screwed that up,oh well.Look at nuclear energy seems like a good idea,except for the fact that the waste has a half life of 10,000 years.Man never looked at how to get rid of it safely. Oh shit that must have been a MINOR over site!Love Canal,Three mile island and Cherenyobol are we FKN mad.We are or should I say they are so eager to play God that it never occurs to them our history is littered with uncleaned garbage.We should be concerned with cleaning up the last mess not creating another one.If they put as much energy in to technology to create a cleaner environment and not create another what if scenario,we might be able to make a better place for our children and the natural world to inherit.

    Gregorio’s last blog post..Recieved an Award

  23. SolRekaNo Gravatar Says:

    “post could be about an alternative energy source” – Bingo. Now we’re getting warm. The LHC offers so many avenues for us to explore. Perhaps if we incorporate neo magnets in a spinning fashion to an array such as the LHC, then we may come closer to a solution like the Kosol Ouch Device.

    “looks like everything went well with the collider” -indeed, however we will have to wait a few more years (2012) for us to appreciate its true capabilities.

    Well said that man. The important thing to remember is that governments lack any sort of altruistic behaviour when it comes to the ideology of ‘for the good of humanity’. It is all about greed, power and suppression of viable alternative technologies, In essence it’s all about money.

    And finally, dare I mention the special date 14th October 2008 ref Alabama. Enough said.

    Peace, light, and love

    SolReka’s last blog post..Project Bluebeam – Holographic alien invasion

  24. Cleaning TipsNo Gravatar Says:

    Nice and usefull post, thanks, this is one for my bookmarks!

  25. SolRekaNo Gravatar Says:

    @Cleaning Tips
    Glad you’re enjoying this post. A new post is on the horizon, to provide my readers with an update on the Hadron Collider.

  26. keriNo Gravatar Says:

    Wow, this is nuts! Crazy stuff, seriously. BTW, where do you find all these awesome pics, lol.

  27. SolRekaNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Keri.
    Ref Sourcing pictures. I spend a lot, perhaps tooo much time scouring the internet for quality pics I can use on my blog. Many thanks for your comments.

  28. maxNo Gravatar Says:

    if it does work we die any way because of the bang so ether way we die if i works or not so doomsday will happen soon

  29. wilsonNo Gravatar Says:

    nothing is impossible

  30. OMFG whahahah!No Gravatar Says:

    AND THE YEAR 2012
    21 IS BACKWARDS 12

  31. rantidebNo Gravatar Says:

    jo hoga dekha jayeyga! God created humanity, God shall sustain humanity

  32. TCLNo Gravatar Says:

    you are wrong. there is no way that thing could eat us like that.
    one: we would need 10 times the matter of the sun to make a blackhole.
    two: the earth is a millionth of the suns weight.
    three: if a blackhole was made the earth would disappear within such little time you wouldn’t be able to say oh.

  33. wihwahNo Gravatar Says:

    If thats things blow, thats will make the biggest Fire hole on earth, earth maybe will fine, but thats will screw the weather too, and north pole ice are in danger too.

  34. wihwahNo Gravatar Says:

    the mini Blackhole will automaticlly closing when he is doesn’t have mission from God, but before he clossing he will release very big dangerous energy to open air, if the collider crash. like picture Above. in first use electronic and machine will work fine, but in second use with high voltage, the compound changing/crack.

  35. jamelaNo Gravatar Says:

    Why is it that all these websites are trying to confuse the human race to believe that all these stupid catastrophic events are going to happen when it’s really the government the stupid masons and the stupid illumiati that are tryin to figure out a way to destroy all of us to they can have all control, Why dont you guys just tell us the truth and stop feeding us all these bullshit lies, it’s pointless!!! They want man gone and its not fair!! Im sure this stupid collider is just something else to throw us all off and for those who believe all these things in the end u will see it’s all part of there plan and then when people like me come along and make a statement like this they wanna make it seem like im and whoever else feels the same way are crazy!! FUCk The Government and everyone else who is involved!!!!!!!!!!

  36. SolRekaNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Jamela
    ‘They want man gone’ – an interesting point, and one worthy of consideration. Perhaps they want this eradication as they are not like us. Having said that, I think we are all children of the stars, so what goes around comes around.

    ‘FUCk The Government and everyone else who is involved’ – well said bud. LAWFUL REBELLION aka freeman movement is the only way to lawfully rebel against the machine.

  37. garryNo Gravatar Says:

    destroy the earth as soon as possible

  38. garryNo Gravatar Says:

    i ain’t wanna live forever

  39. SolRekaNo Gravatar Says:

    lol Reckon you’ll get bored of living forever after say… 1000 years.

  40. SolRekaNo Gravatar Says:

    lol Might be inclined to agree with you. For those how believe in heaven and hell. I would class Earth as a living hell. All the wars, murder, corruption, and greed. Hmm, it’s a Utopia is it.

  41. Robert DavisNo Gravatar Says:

    I’m quite skeptical on turning it on if it does make microscopic black holes then they say that they would evaporate, but we have super massive black holes in the center of the galaxy as large as a solar system, and then we have our normally sized black holes out in space, so now we have three different sizes, i’m not smart enough to do the calculations but from what i already know about all of the universe is things get bigger, our sun will burn up and grow, our population grows, star fields grow, man kinds reach continues to grow out into space, now to grow something has to be taken by the “host”, humans eat to stay alive, then they grow more, with black holes i believe that when they “eat” everything around them they will grow, they will get larger, not evaporate, i’m just saying before they turn that thing on they better get some more knowable facts on black holes and their sizes before they go and do something they can’t fix, ya humans have overcame things in the past but we are talking about the most powerful thing in the universe, we can’t even take a step outside our solar system physically, and they are going to make black holes?

  42. Maurice Allen DavisNo Gravatar Says:

    Our Father who Arts In Heaven, Hallow be thall Name, Thy Kindom Come, thy will be done, On Earth as in Heaven, Forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass against us, But deliver us from EVIL, because thy is the Power,The Glory and The Kindow forever and forever,AMEN. God has given us the Grace and Faith to grow, if he wanted our mind, if he wanted our desire to know more, If he wanted us not to reach out to the stars then he would have limited our thinking abilities. God know what he was doing when he created man. Have Faith and Grace that God has our backs. Maurice Allen Davis from Buffalo Ny. My Father God would not allow any harm to come to his children..with all experiments, bad and good my develope,but way more good. You can use my name to find me on Face Book. I honestly feel that we are not going to die, but there will be some kind of badness from this. I just hope we all as a whole enturst in Father God to assist us with the situation that his children as embarked upon. Nobody should point the finger at anyone,but we will always have to work together as a whole to regain control of what God has given us,which is this planet called Earth.

  43. Maurice Allen DavisNo Gravatar Says:

    Our Father who Arts in Heaven,Hallow be thy Name, thy kindom come,thy will be done, on Earth as in Heave, Give us today our daily bread and forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass against us,but deliver us from Evil, because thy is the power and the glory and the kindom forever and forever amen. I do not know it by heart sorry. The message is there, God will protect his children always.

  44. Maurice Allen DavisNo Gravatar Says:

    Everyone needs to watch The Movie Vanishing On 7th street and seriously take notes……………….I have always been a firm beliver that movies are more than just movies, and mirror are more than what they appear to be….Everything happends for a reason, and every action has a re-action…….something will come from the final powerup……….

  45. Maurice Allen DavisNo Gravatar Says:

    Just because we can do something does not mean we should. Our problem as people is that once we invent something etc, we want credit for it durring our life time. This is an act of desperation and also a very selffish thing to do. Much more research in needed on this new device. These are actions of a selffish group of people.They are only seeking the credit to be giving if there is any to be giving tothem while they are alive now..Very very very selffish..more research is needed, because one the reboot is started there is not turning back..opps is not going to cut it……Maurice

  46. Maurice Allen DavisNo Gravatar Says:

    The Movie The Vanishing on 7th street has 3 Bible Names in it. James the black kid with the gun, Luke the white guy that James pointed the gun at. Matthew(matty the name of the baby that the lady was calling out for). Movies are more than movies. I never trust them and never will,but i can learn from them…Movies can be answers and clues that our subconscious mind get the conscious mind to create…with the help of our super subscious mind….Marker that things are to happend. The year we have a black male and a female running for president. Such turning events in history are what i call, time markers……they are some form of swithing on device in time. The switch is on now…..

  47. Maurice Allen DavisNo Gravatar Says:

    Four Bible Names Mentioned in the Movie The Vanishing on 7th Street: James,Luke,Matthew,Paul. Black holes were mentioned in the movie. Movies are more than movies as mirror are more than mirrors..I do not know how i know these things, i just am good in trusting in my Cmental, Cmental is the name i gave my gut feelings…

  48. Maurice Allen DavisNo Gravatar Says:


  49. SolRekaNo Gravatar Says:

    I like that you have called your gut feeling CMental. It’s good to use these feelings. Intuition is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

  50. Maurice Allen DavisNo Gravatar Says:

    Honestly I have been seeking any info on The United States or even the President expressing their concerns regarding The Hadron Collidier. How could one country play with the Fate of an entire world, how is this possilbe? Hence The God Particile is for God to know and us never to dare to find out. There are boundries we should not cross. Just because we can do something does not mean we should. All that money used to built a device that we are totally in the dark about the results of, could have been used feeding the homeless,could have been building dwelling for the homeless,could have been added to unemployment and creating super vitamins. It is funny how it took 6 days to create the world, and it was finished on a Saturday and now we are uncertain if it will be destroyed on a Saturday,or what door(s) we will open to allow something to just waltz into our world, seen or unseen something Bad and Good will come from this. One country should not be allow to hold the Fate of an entire planet,solar system,universe etc. E-mail me :

  51. Maurice Allen DavisNo Gravatar Says:

    BE PREPARED, I rather be prepared if needed to be, then need to be and not be prepared. Pack the following: Vitamins,Water,Lighters,Batteries,Flashlights,Socks,Rough terrain Boots,First Aide Kits,Can openers, can food,Blankets,body soap,weapons that cut! Have a compass. May 21,2011 is not to be taken lightly my friends. I can only hope that my best friend is with me on this Day. May God Be with us on May 21,2011. This needs to be all over the NEWS. My name is Maurice Allen Davis age 47 will be 48 on June 16,2011. Not to much frighten me, but not knowing what the result of turning on a device that makes the news is something to be very concerned about. It is not like turning on a simple light switch, it is like turning on a swith that we dont know what we are truly turning on……………………….

  52. Maurice DavisNo Gravatar Says:

    Well I am still here, so i guess all is good…….unless something came into our world undected?

  53. SolRekaNo Gravatar Says:

    @ lol.

  54. mrb0b643No Gravatar Says:

    awesome photo but the lord only knows when the end of time is coming

  55. Adrian StevensNo Gravatar Says:

    Interesting article, when it will happen is a different story! DC Shoes

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